A glacier in the morning followed by roadsurfing one of the best roads in Europe.

Today is the day!

As yesterday was all about gear testing in the rain, today is set to start early with the first cable car up the Kitzsteinhorn. Early because weather changes quickly in the mountains and when it is nice, you have to take your chances – gotten smarter on this since yesterday. Or so I thought. Looking up from the base station and watching the cable cars disappear in the fog didn’t promise too much good.

Luckily the fog cleared half way up the Kitzsteinhorn and gave way to just breathtaking views with the clouds below.

The top can be reached via a smooth ride in a set of three cable cars – Swiss engineering at its best – in only 45 minutes. Quite good for moving up 2200 hight meters. To get a great panorama view, you had to walk to an outside platform. This change of altitude also means a temperature difference of about 22 degrees. Good that the winter gear got its play as well on this trip and so the slightly above freezing temperatures became bearable.

Very icy sun was breaking through.

All the way on the top.

Getting back in from the cold and warming up a bit with a proper Germknödel (Austrian for warm  jam-filled dumpling with vanilla sauce and poppy seed sugar-topping) and watching the everchanging play of fog and sun.

 Cable car under repair. Seems like an old one. James Bond in Moonraker would be jealous here.

Back to ‘normal’ summer temperatures.

Caught the reflection of melting water on the mountain in a minute of bright sunshine. This image could become a great black and white photo printed on brushed aluminium.

Start of the Grossglockner Hochalpenstrasse. This is supposed to be one of the best driving routes found in Europe. The road just opened for this year and is only drivable during the daytime. This already gives you a hint of the slopes, hairpin turns and possibly treacherous conditions in bad or icy weather. Happy also to drive on it with the camper van and not like some people with a bike. Unfortunately it was impossible to verify the grade of this route because many of the praised views remained hidden in the fog.


Endless turns.

This is where usually the Fuscherkark is visible3.331M. Today you can hardly see the base.

A bit of blue sky.

On the road towards Slovenia.

Slovenian vignette.

Slovenian mountains.

Made it to the evening destination. Setting up camp next to the river.

‘Shameless’ home commercial for Rothaus Tannenzäpfle. Enjoying the last bottle, local beer from here on.


Evening camp fire at the river bank.


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