Sunny start with a wet finish

Good morning! Another learning in the early hours of the day and note to future self: don’t park a campervan with the window roof towards the sun or this is peeking through at 6AM. J


However, having been woken by the sun the sound of the river in the background allows some time to slowly wake up. I could think of worse views to start the day.


Good morning QKaffee coffee. 


At first standing in the riverbank being busy taking photos I didn’t notice at all. My feet were enclosed tighter by the water as the river was rising, rising fast. The ground in the middle of the turned into an island. Must be raining heavily upstream somewhere. Time to get moving out of here and stop taking pictures.


Despite the weather forecast a group of brave but quite nervous looking rafters-to be getting their boat ready to go.

The rising of the river was a clear sign of approaching rain.


It came fast and it came to stay for the whole day: rain, thunder, lightning flashes hovering above accompanied by fog on the water. During the rain kayaks kept floating by the campervan. The more rain, the more water the more kayaks seems to be the equation. They were smart enough to stay out of the water when thunder joined the party.


Perfect weather for capturing the water masses. 


Best time to work on the SundayMoods website and blog posts from the new office J



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