Adventure (Exhibit Edition)

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Deep hidden, in the North West of India is a secret city. Jaisalmer is her name, home to 80.000 people and also known as “The Golden City”. This “Golden” in the name originated in the sandstone buildings and their golden yellow light reflecting.

About the photo: This photo was taken in the desert city Jaisalmer itself. It shows the inside part of an original Jeep that has outlived it`s economic life. Only necessary repairs are made to keep it running. Gorgeous details that remind of these improvised repairs are the measure tape around the front window keeping it together and the leather broken seat.

The essence of the image is as the tittle suggests: Adventure.

Dusty, rugged, broken and fixed to fit it’s purpose. Looking at the image gives the feeling of complete freedom and the ability to continue your adventure wherever you wish to go.

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